About Us

We are the county teachers’ union. Representing all "teachers" in Prince George’s County Public Schools. We are more than 9,000 classroom teachers, guidance counselors, speech pathologists, media specialists, and other non-supervisory certified educators in the Prince George’s County Public School (PGCPS) system.

Since 1875 we have advocated for improved compensation and benefits; pensions and working conditions for Unit 1 employees.


PGCEA advocates for its members, and for a quality public education for ALL students.


PGCEA will be recognized as a catalyst for educational transformation and advancement in Prince George’s County Maryland.

Our Purpose

  • To develop the highest standard of professional practices within the Prince George’s County Public School System
  • To seek the advancement and improvement of education in the Prince George’s County Public School System.
  • To seek those conditions necessary for an effective and productive educational environment.
  • To represent public educational interests before governmental and public agencies.
  • To represent professional certificated public employees in relationship with the public school employer with regard to salaries, wages, hours, and other working conditions.


Governed by the Members

The Board of Directors and Representative Council members are elected by their peers to determine the Associations’ objectives and work with staff to carry-out directives of the membership. Our effectiveness as an organization increases as our members' involvement increases.

Collective Bargaining Agent

PGCEA negotiates the Negotiated Agreement (contract) with the Prince George’s County Public Schools which provides teachers with rights that include compensation and benefit, pensions and working conditions and benefits. The teachers' salary schedule is part of this Agreement.

School Improvement

PGCEA believes that improving the quality of education is the best job security for educators. PGCEA supports members working on joint problem-solving work groups with the administration. We advocate for policy changes with PGCPS, monitor reform efforts nationally, and provide training and assistance to local schools.

Workplace Representation

PGCEA's experienced UniServ staff works with members to solve both individual and school-wide problems. Elected PGCEA building representatives advocate for the interests of their colleagues, and keep them informed about, and involved in, the work of the Association. Faculty Advisory Councils provide the teachers in their building with a vehicle to discuss school operating procedures, scheduling of the meetings, instructional programs, budget requests, and express any other areas of professional concern to school leadership

Political and Legislative Action

PGCEA monitors issues affecting educators and education. We advocate on behalf of those issues with the Board of Education, County Council, and state legislature. PGCEA evaluates candidates for political office on the basis of their support for public education. The elected Representative Assembly makes candidate recommendations.

Professional Development

PGCEA trains members in facilitation, problem-solving, group process, and leadership skills.

Income Protection Programs

The PGCEA Sick Leave Bank is a program that will help when severe illness or accidents occur.


PGCEA has extensive offerings of insurance, tax sheltered annuities, discount buying packages, special services, discount legal services, income protection, and home rental and mortgage programs.


PGCEA Educator, Table Talk, Trading Post, MSEA Action Line, the NEA TODAY and NOW are some of the regular publications. Flyers, electronic updates, and automated messages also keep PGCEA members informed.

Public Relations

PGCEA works to keep the community and the media informed on educational issues. The PGCEA President serves as the spokesperson representing the teachers' point-of-view to the school board, the county council, the politicians, the parent groups, the business leaders, and other community organizations.

Affiliations with State and National Organizations

PGCEA focuses on issues at the local level. The Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) focuses at the state level and the National Education Association (NEA) works at the national level but are all part of one professional organization. MSEA and NEA provides supplemental services and benefits to PGCEA. Their structures are very similar to ours except that their equivalents of our Rep Council are held annually. PGCEA members are elected by their colleagues each year to attend these decision making conventions. PGCEA members are also eligible for leadership positions and MSEA and NEA.

Liability Insurance

One million dollars of coverage is provided to each member. This coverage is provided for all charges of neglect of duty or other civil complaints. Criminal charges are covered when the employee is found not guilty.