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Work Day Signing In/Out 4.05 C

C. All professional personnel are expected to devote to their assignments the time necessary to meet their responsibilities but they will not be required to “clock in or out” by hours and minutes. A method for certification of attendance will be developed by the principal with the review of the Faculty Advisory Council.

This means that your principal cannot create a sign-in sheet wherein he or she requires you to write down your time of arrival in the morning, nor can he or she remove the sign-in sheet at a particular time (some principals “pull the book” at 7:31 a.m., which is not only bad management, it violates the Negotiated Agreement). On the other hand, teachers and other Unit I employees are obligated to arrive at work on time.

If your school has a problem with signing in and out, you should first consult your PGCEA building representative and FAC.