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In February 2014 PGCEA was awarded a competitive grant from the National Education Association (NEA) to assist in the development of the UTLS.  At last month’s meeting President Kenneth Haines spoke about the PGCEA vision for such a school and that it would be one of a kind in Maryland, and one of only a small number in the entire country.  The NEA was very interested in our concept and has awarded us the grant to help us move full speed ahead in our desire to move from concept to reality.  Our grant request was for start-up funding to support non-operational expenses to implement a contract school. 

The concept is to operate a UTLS Pre-K through 5 Pre-Collegiate Academy centered on whole child education with a focus on students as future global citizens.  The school would not be a comprehensive school, but rather a distinctive school that offers choices to parents who desire a different educational opportunity.

Stay tuned—there will be more news in the future about this innovative opportunity.

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