PGCEA  - Prince George's County Educators Association

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Communicator Award
Faculty Representatives and Representative Council Requirements


  • Representative Council Agenda

    The President shall submit the agenda for the Representative Council meeting five (5) school days prior to the regular Representative Council meeting. The agenda will be distributed electronically to all Faculty Representative and posted on the website.

  • Representative Council Meetings

    1. Board Minutes Sufficient copies of the recent Board minutes will be made available to Association Representatives at Representative Council meetings.
    2. MSEA Candidates MSEA candidates for office requesting to speak to the Representative Council shall be given the same time limit as provided in the Campaign Practice Code. All candidates for MSEA office shall be extended an invitation to request permission to speak to the Representative Council. Permission will be granted upon request.

    3. MSEA Candidate Endorsements Letters of endorsements for MSEA offices received by the President from other Associations should be presented to the Representative Council for their information.
  • Faculty Representatives

    1. Faculty Representative Manual

      Representatives should have a folder containing appropriate documents, etc., to keep in their files for ready reference.

    2. PGCEA Bulletin Board Use
      Faculty Representatives shall monitor PGCEA Bulletin Boards to ensure that only material from PGCEA, with the official logo, be posted on bulletin boards designated for PGCEA’s use