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Maryland Certification Process

According to the Maryland State Department of Education, they do not issue permanent certificates and certificates are issued with either a January or July start date. All renewal requirements must be presented prior to the expiration date.

Please refer to renewal requirements for your Standard Professional Certificate (SPC) or Advanced Professional Certificate (APC), by reviewing the PGCPS Certification web page. For your state certification status go to Maryland State Department of Education Division of Certification.

If you need credits the PGCPS Continuing Professional Development (CPD) department offers required coursework for certification from the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). A full list of courses and dates are posted on the PGCPS Office of Talent Development webpage.

Monitoring certification expiration dates and certification renewals are the employees' responsibility.

PGCEA is providing this for information purposes only and is not responsible for the accuracy/information of the links provided. PGCEA recommends that you review your employers' notices and websites regularly for the most current employment information.