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Military Leave 4.19 D

The following is a summary of the language found in the Negotiated Agreement between PGCEA and the Board of Education.

An employee who is a member of the National Guard or the Reserve components of the Armed Forces of the United States that has an active duty commitment will be allowed military leave with pay for a period not to exceed fifteen (15) duty days. The full pay would be less any amount paid for by the National Guard or Reserves. Such a paid leave may only be granted during a period that the individual is required to be on duty.

Those employees who are called to short-term duty under the authority of the governor during an emergency shall be entitled to a leave of absence with full pay, less the amount paid for such duty while serving under active orders. This provision is in addition to the fifteen (15) day period previously explained.

Employees in this category (Guard, Reserve) who are called upon to serve a period of time longer than fifteen (15) days or in a non-emergency are entitled to a leave of absence without pay.

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