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The PGCEA Sick Leave Bank is a supplemental leave system designed for Unit 1 employees which issues payment for qualifying incapacitating personal illnesses during regularly scheduled duty days. The current annual rate of contribution is two and 1/2 (2.5) days of sick leave. 

Membership in the Bank is continuous from year to year and you need only apply once. The window to join for newly hired teachers is within the first six months of employment. Otherwise the annual open enrollment period is Jul 1-Sep 30. Home and Hospital Teachers and Retire-Rehire Teachers are not eligible.

The Sick Leave Bank is administered by an Approval Committee which includes (3) PGCEA members. A PGCEA Sick Leave Bank Coordinator and a Prince George's County Board of Education Human Resources agent are assigned to work in conjunction with the Approval Committee to process requests to join and use the leave in the Sick Leave Bank.

Eligible members may apply for leave for a debilitating illness. New system employees must join the Sick Leave Bank during their first six (6) months of employment. Returning employees who have not joined the Sick Leave Bank must join during open enrollment (July 1 – September 30).



***NOTE***As of 2001-2002, if you switch bargaining units within the Board of Education, your Sick Leave Bank membership will be automatically transferred to your new unit! Transferring members are subject to the rules of their new Sick Leave Bank and must contact their new unit Sick Leave Bank administrator for a copy of their rules. Look for PGCEA Sick Leave Bank rules on our website.
If you wish to drop Bank membership and reinstate the days deducted on July 1 for the following school year, your request must be received at PGCEA during open enrollment (July 1 – September 30). Please include your full name and Social Security number in your request. Your membership in the Sick Leave Bank is continuous from year-to-year unless you notify the Bank otherwise.