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Gov. Hogan’s $144 million in school funding cuts threaten the progress of our top-notch public schools

Governor Hogan has proposed $144 million in immediate school funding cuts in his budget.  This equates to about $38 million in cuts for education in Prince George’s, which is about $182,000 per school.  It is projected the decrease in funding will result in the loss of about 600 teacher positions, which could increase class size from 25 to 31 students in each elementary classroom in the county.  The cuts could also cause the elimination of middle school/high school programs, funding for teacher raises, and/or the expansion of the arts program.  As these cuts are already in the state’s budget, they will require immediate adjustments on the part the Board of Education.

However, we will not sit and do nothing.  In the next few weeks PGCEA/MSEA will be calling on you to join us as we fight to protect school funding.

Please go to the website: and find out exactly what these cuts will mean for Prince George’s.  And more importantly, use the tools on the website to contact the Governor and your State Delegates and Senator with specifics about how the cuts will negatively impact you and your students.  These cuts will adversely impact every neighborhood in our county, so spread the word to your neighbors and other groups as well.  We need to let our state decision makers know what is at risk. 

We cannot let the students in Prince George’s down.  Please visit the website and act today.