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Meeting Attendance 4.07 E

The following is the direct contract language regarding meetings, and what you are professionally responsible to attend. Nothing more can be mandated. Call PGCEA if a problem remains.

4.07 Non-teaching Duties

E. Attendance at meetings of professional employees called for purposes directly related to the educational process shall be required duty of such professional employees. Faculty and other teacher meetings shall require notification at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance except in emergencies, and shall not normally last more than one hour before or after the student day. Except in emergencies, there shall be no more than two general faculty meetings per month excluding the months of September and June when three general faculty meetings may be held each month. Teachers will not be required to attend more than two meetings per month that extend beyond the normal duty day including the general faculty meetings nor will elementary teachers be required to attend more than four meetings per month during the teacher duty day unless there are unforeseen circumstances.

For additional assistance contact your UniServ Director.