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PGCEA Works With the Gates Foundation on Empowering Effective Teachers

Elevating & Celebrating Effective Teachers conference sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wednesday, 2/27- Friday, 3/1 in La Jolla, CA.
Sharelle Stagg (Valley View ES, PGCPS teacher of the year); Kishanna Brown (Dr. Henry Wise HS); Bridgette Blue Laney (Talent & Development); Kenneth Haines (PGCEA President) Clinton Smith (Parkdale HS); Ezra Miller (Central HS)

  Gates Foundation Celebrating Effective Teaching Conference: PGCEA President's Keynote Address
Kenneth Haines,  PGCEA President, was a keynote speaker at the second annual Elevating & Celebrating Effective Teaching/Teachers Conference (ECET2) (sponsored by the Gates Foundation).  President Haines keynote address was Cultivating a calling: What made you want to become a teacher and what keeps you motivated? See video.