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Doctor Statements 4.19 J 3

The following language from the Negotiated Agreement is being presented in direct response to questions raised by our Association Representatives and Members.

Are teachers required to provide a doctor's statement if they miss one day because of illness? The answer is "no", unless abuse is suspected. Teachers are entitled to use sick leave when they are ill and cannot work. See Article IV, Section J 3 of the Negotiated Agreement.

If you call a doctor for a prescription or just to discuss a condition, ask the doctor to send you a note stating the advice given and/or the recommendation for treatment. This helps to protect your integrity, especially if you are out more than one or two days. (Some principals may request a statement after more than three (3) consecutive days of absence.)

A principal does have the authority to request a doctor's statement if there are reasons or a cause to believe the employee is abusing sick leave. Example, missing Fridays and Mondays on a number of occasions may lead to question. If you or your school has had this problem, we recommend that your FAC discuss this issue with your administrator.

For additional assistance contact your UniServ Director.