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Lunch and Planning Time 4.05 D and E

As the year begins, it is important to review your schedule to ensure that you are scheduled for the proper amount of planning time.

EVERY teacher is guaranteed a 30 minute duty- free lunch period. The only exception is if the scheduled student lunch is shorter.

EVERY teacher is guaranteed daily planning time, per article 4.05 E of the Negotiated Agreement.

    It breaks down two ways:
  1. For Secondary schools: The Principal shall schedule a continuous block of forty-five minutes daily of planning time during the work day of 7 1/2 hours for each teacher. For Elementary schools:
  2. Elementary Schools and Special Education Centers: The Principal shall schedule 225 minutes of planning time for each teacher per regular work week of five normal work days. In addition to the 225 minutes of planning time scheduled weekly, each Principal shall schedule a block of thirty (30) minutes or the time equal to scheduled student lunch and recess periods (but not less than 25 minutes) of daily uninterrupted planning time during student lunch and recess periods for each elementary teacher.

Plainly stated, every elementary teacher should receive a minimum of 30 minutes of daily uninterrupted planning time during the student day, along with the 225 minutes scheduled weekly.

For additional assistance contact your UniServ Director.